Our Product

Marine & Offshore Insulation

Marine Accommodation System

Marine Deck Covering
*Multiple-use Underlayment
- Billytex BX-B1
- Billytex BX-B

*Fire Protection   Underlayment
- Billytex A60-L
- Billytex A60-FU

*Epoxy Mortar   Underlayment
- Billytex EP-100

*Self-Leveling Underlayment
- Billytex SL-1800
- Billytex SL-Floor

Thermal & Heat Protection Fabric

Electrical Motor System

Marine Deck Covering System

Our marine decking systems consist mostly of BILLYTEX underlayments supplied by DAEHYUP TECH from Korea. These products come in a variety of materials including latex, epoxy and urethane, and cover a complete range of requirements put forth by clients.